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Instytut Bezpieczeństwa i Zarządzania

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November 26, 2021, 0815
How to build an international career - webinar with an Uber expert
We start cycle of  informational meetings "Industry 4.0 and the Career Opportunities" in which you can ask questions about the world famous company, a specific job within the organization, or the industry 4.0 in general. Due to such conversation with employee of one of the well-known company you can gain  insights into how to improve own chances of landing a job and how to prepare for their long-term career goals. You can even get pointers on improving your resumés and ask questions you might not feel comfortable asking in an interview.
It's great pleasure to introduce our Friday guest - Boris Yakovlev, technical lead manager - Risk Decision Sciences in Uber (Palo Alto Area, California). 
At the heart of this initiative is the one-on-one interaction with an employee experience during building own  career in international company.


October 10, 2021, 15:23
Plans update
Keep track of plan updates.
Ladies and Gentlemen, due to numerous changes in the schedule of classes, We would like to ask you to follow the updates of the plans posted on the website of the Institute of Security and Management on an ongoing basis.


October 6, 2021, 18:23
Canceled classes
Canceled classes with Piotr Gancarz PhD.
Foreign Language Study Center informs that from October 4, 2021 to October 31, 2021, classes with Piotr Gancarz PhD will not take place.


October 4, 2021, 16:28
Announcement for first-year students
Health and safety for first-year studentsInstruction for the student: 
Please create an account on the e-learning platform
The main page contains the "Instructions for using the KBN e-learning platform for students", which describes how to set up an account on the platform.
Then please enter the course (link below) with the key
Key - BHP2022

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